a PROPERTY that's as unique as you are

You've worked hard your whole life to make a statement about yourself, your beliefs, and who you want to become – don't settle for less, weather buying or selling, get the best value that you can on a home or a commercial property.   At Page Properties, we value individuality, wisdom, and thought; the properties that you buy or sell are going to reflect that.


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a big investment

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Maybe your college degree wasn't in finance – don't worry, mine was. I can answer all of the tricky questions and help you sail over every hurdle. If you are tired of seeing returns of 2% or less on your savings, or worry about the stock market constantly, consider commercial real estate investments that can earn 7%, 10%, or even 20% returns.  If you think you don't have the cash to invest, or are afraid of taking on debt, look to your IRA or 401K to invest in real estate.  I have personally invested in many real estate properties in my IRA and have had great success. 

Real Estate Investor Services: 

•    Identification and valuation of investment properties​

•    Deal structuring​

•    Joint Ventures and syndications​

•    1031 exchanges​

•    Buy and hold​

•    Develop and sell​

•    Partnership syndications

If you are looking for commercial properties, go www.loopnet.com to help narrow your choices, then call John to start the process.   To start the process of buying a home that is unique and beautiful, please click on the following link – and find the listings page for those who are just looking.