By Page Properties original founder (and gunshot wound survivor), John Page.

How to Find and Keep Tenants for 5, 10, 15 years and beyond.

1. Use Professional Signs To Let People Know You Have Space Available. (Not Amateur Signs)

Your signs are the first touch, you never want to make a bad first impression.

2. Respond Immediately When People Contact You.

Don’t take too long to think things over, your potential tenant is ready now, don’t wait and lose out.

3. Don’t Let Your Property Get Run Down.

A clean parking lot and regular maintenance are important in attracting and keeping paying tenants.

4. Do Have Regular Communication With Your Tenants

Especially if your potential tenant speaks to your existing tenants and they don’t have good things to say about your it can break the deal.

5. Do Make Sure Your Prices and Incentives Are In Line With Your Market.

If you’re going to use a commercial real estate broker, find one that gives you regular updates on what is happening in your local market. Be willing to partner with a local expert like John Page,who willinvest the time to research and help you find the exact right tenants. Matching your tenant mix is critical.

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Is there a property owner who hasn’t let a few phone calls go to voice mail, or let an email drop into the old mail folder?

The whole idea behind Page Properties is less is more. Property owners shouldn’t have to be slaves to dozens of different inquires and phone calls—especially when you have your business to run.

You should be able to simplify your leasing routine and pare down to just one professional leasing broker that allows you to perform at your best. That’s why our founder, John Page, originally created Page Properties and our line of commercial property services—Leasing Agent, Tenant Representative, Buyers Agent, and Sellers Agent—that can easily assist you with everything in your commercial real estate portfolio.

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